Amateur Radio Station KA1UDX
Station Information

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Kantronics KPC3
Radio:YAESU FT-1500m
Comet GP-15, Software : UI-View 32


Radio: FTM-100DR/XDR
Digital Interface: HRI-200
Node ID: 30853  Room ID: 40853 432.800MHz


Radio: Icom 706 MKIIG
Digital interface :Little Rascal
Power Supply: Astron Power Supply
Antennas : Cushcraft 13B2 12 Element Beam
Comet GP-15 6M/2M/440 Vertical
2M/440 Arrow JPole
HF : Inverted L long wire antenna
MFJ -969 Antenna Tuner
Glen Martin Roof Tower
CDE : Ham IV Rotator


Computer : Dell Precision Tower 3620
File System: NTSF OS: Win 10 Professional
Server: 2 1Gig mirrored (RAID 1) disks. If a single disk of a server fails, the server will continue to run happily.
Backup: Toshiba 2TB Hard Drive, continus backup
UPS: 2 CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent UPS Systems, 1500VA/900W Mini-Towers
Generator: Whole House Coleman Generator

Updated: 02/16/18