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[LOGO]How does CWOP Data get to NOAA?

How does CWOP Data get to NOAA? CWOP data are sent in real-time from your Personal Weather Station (PWS) via the Internet or through a Ham Radio wireless RF broadcast to a site with an Internet connection (Digipeater) Data are forwarded to the CWOP servers, using the round-robin domain "cwop.aprs.net" port 14580. Data are sent to the FINDU server where html time series web pages are created for CWOP members and files are queued for pickup by the NOAA Global Systems Division. Finally, NOAA Global Systems Division fetches the data from FINDU every 15 minutes and ingest the data into the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS) database (as "APRSWXNET" data type) where data are quality controlled, merged with over 25,000 other surface observations and forwarded to other NOAA work centers, including some Weather Forecast Offices (WFO).

Page Last Updated: 04/18/2018